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Bougainvilleas – So Bright And Bold

Excerpt: One of the few plants making a splash at this time of the year are the beautiful Boungainvillea cultivars! From white to pale orange, bright pinks and deep magentas, there are a lot of vibrant ones available these days. In this blog we find out more about growing these cheerful climbing Boungainvilleas, so [...]

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Plant of the Month: Nandina domestica

Excerpt: A very useful plant that is tough, blazes a fiery red in autumn and that can give a Zen feeling to your garden! Find out how they grow, what conditions they like and why our Garden Designers at Cape Contours Landscapes love them. This blog explores all about the commonly available Nandina domestica [...]

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Our Best Water Wise Plants – Part 2

Part two of our popular blog on our best water wise plants that we as Cape Contours use regularly in our gardens. We have broken them down into categories that make these hardy plants such tough water champions, we share why we keep them firmly in our water wise plant palette. [...]

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Tillandsias – Ethereal Airplants!

You probably remember these interesting plants from your gran’s garden in the 80’s? They hang from a tree branch and survive on very little other than air, and make a pretty show of pinky and purple flowers in the summer. You may have a spray of them in your tree that you have never [...]

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Plant of the month: Nasturtiums

Every month we highlight a new plant (both exotics and indigenous species) and tell you about some of its qualities that we think make it a worthwhile garden specimen. Have you ever wondered about Nasturtiums? They are such a common sight in many gardens in Cape Town, but there are a few facts about them [...]

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Leucospermums (Pincushion or Sugarbush)

Every month we highlight a new plant (both exotics and indigenous species) and tell you about some of its qualities that we think make it a worthwhile garden specimen. This month we've chosen the striking Leucospermum sp (more commonly known as the Pincushion or Sugarbush), which is in full flower in the Cape from the end [...]

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Azaleas There’s something very Japanese about Azaleas. I think because I have seen so many photo images of beautiful Japanese gardens with riotous Rhododendrons and Azaleas, blazing everywhere. ‘Azalea’ is actually the common name for the smaller varieties and cultivars of the Japanese Rhododendrons. Azaleas have become very popular garden plants [...]

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