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Understanding The Landscaping Industry – Who To Call And When

A well-designed plant palette by our in-house Landscape Designer, Cara Smith – and planted by our in-house Landscaping teams Excerpt: Have some big dreams for your garden or new home? Getting overwhelmed by your garden ideas and are not sure where to start, what your budget is or what to [...]

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Designing For Water Scarcity – Beyond The Drought

Cape Contours Landscape Solutions would like to encourage our valued followers to read the below linked article ‘’Beyond the drought’’, this wonderfully informative & well written article by author Anno Torr of the Indigenous Gardener encourages us to change the way we think about utilising every drop of water. This article [...]

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Artificial Plants & Faux Flora

Save the drop! Go Faux! There have been great leaps in the manufacturing of artificial plants, greenery and flowers and these days it is getting harder to tell them apart from the real thing. In this blog, we look at the many new possibilities that Artificial Plants are being used to soften balconies, offices, [...]

Landscaping Trends and What’s Driving Them

Change is inevitable they say – and in our industry it is a valuable opportunity to evaluate how we design and bring gardens to life. Changes in response to the ongoing water crisis are leading to wonderfully creative and practical new thinking and ways with plants and materials. Here at Cape Contours Landscape Studio [...]

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Meulplein – Stellenbosch

Forming part of the “Beautification of main routes into Stellenbosch” by the Stellenbosch Municipality, this odd little piece of land caught between Bird, Mill and Church Streets was previously forlorn and uninviting, with awkwardly sloping levels and haphazard planting. The desire to renovate the area stemmed from Dr Daniel Louw of Arts Association Stellenbosch, [...]

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Artificial lawn – What You Need to Know Before You Install Artificial Lawn

The pros, the cons and what you need to know before you install artificial lawn, fake grass, synthetic turf. It is completely waterwise! This is why we at Cape Contours Landscape Solutions are loving artificial lawn right now! If you have a new area of lawn you [...]

New Court at Steenberg

This new exclusive residential estate, New Court at Steenberg in Cape Town was designed to capture the existing character of the neighborhood with its semi-rural quality, made up of large mature trees, extensive lawns, and panoramic mountain and treed views. The 18 spacious double story three-bedroom homes open onto a secluded terrace with a [...]

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Level 5 Drought Survivors – What Are our Garden Designers Planting?

Tried and tested - What our designers are planting now in preparation for the hot summer. This summer in the Cape is predicted to be very dry with very little rainfall over our catchment areas compared to previous years. Our gardens need to be as resilient as possible to be able to withstand the [...]

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All about Sandstone Sandstone is a beautiful, natural and wonderfully textured rock that is easily available in the Western Cape. At Cape Contours Landscaping, we use sandstone rocks, pebbles and gravels in the garden in a number of different ways for pathways, retaining, gabions, water features and more. Sandstone rocks and gravel can be [...]

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