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Ideal for bank stabilisation, erosion control, retaining walls, sea walls, embankments, canals, weirs and more
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Gabion Construction

Used in internal and external architecture as well as civil engineering applications, gabions are dry-packed stone walls contained neatly within wire mesh baskets. Rather than having to hand-dress large, heavy stones in order to painstakingly build watertight structures, packing rock into mesh baskets creates a slightly looser and lighter feel that has a softer and more natural effect in a landscape, allowing water to pass through freely.

Wire baskets are stacked and linked together like building blocks, but the art of constructing these walls lies in the skilful packing of the rock to give a neat facing finish and a stable construction. Their substantial weight when filled makes them a formidable barrier. As opposed to a brick and mortar wall, once a gabion wall is in place there is little to no maintenance required.

Gabions may be filled with soil and planted up with succulents to soften the edges, or even placed in ponds as ‘stepping stones’, allowing you to walk over the water’s surface. Small cubes can be used as seats, adapted into benches, tables or water-features – the options are endless.

Cape Contours has mastered the art of gabion design and construction, and although the initial capital outlay for the wall might be higher than a conventional brick wall, in the long term you will save greatly on reduced maintenance costs while keeping a timeless and elegant natural look.

Advantages Of Gabion Walls

Little to no maintenance.

Natural materials have a softer and more natural effect in a landscape.

Can be planted up to soften the edges.

Great way to recycle excavated rock from site.

Makes a natural habitat for small insects, animals and birds.

Creatively adaptable.

Many different stone and mesh types available.

Mesh Types

Baskets are available in various styles – we use either a galvanised hexagonal mesh of 2,7mm gauge wire (PVC coated or uncoated); or a square weld mesh of 3,15mm gauge wire, varying in aperture (100x50mm / 50x50mm / 50x25mm / 25x25mm) with a uniform tensile strength of 400-550Mpa. Electrically welded joints have an average shear strength equal to 80% of the tensile strength of the wire. Baskets are available in a range of sizes and shapes, dependent on the needs of the structure.

Weld Mesh 50mm Galvanised

Weld Mesh 50mm Galvanised

Hex Mesh 80mm Galvanised Nylon Coated (black)

Hex Mesh 80mm Galvanised Nylon Coated (black)

Hex Mesh 80mm Galvanised PVC Coated (Brown)

Hex Mesh 80mm Galvanised PVC Coated (Brown)

Hex Mesh 80m Galvanised PVC (Grey)

Hex Mesh 80m Galvanised PVC (Grey)

Rock Types

The most popular materials are dressed grey hornfels stone, dark grey granite, warm-toned Table Mountain sandstone or round river boulders, but our gabions aren’t limited only to stone, in fact almost any material can be used to create a distinctive visual effect – from builders’ rubble, scrap metal, logs, glass or recycled plastic bottles.

Weld Mesh 50mm Galvanised

Llundudno Granite

Hornfels (Pale)

Hornfels (pale)

Hornfels (Dark)

Hornfels (dark)

Sandstone River Rock

Sandstone River Rock

Sandstone Boulders

Sandstone Boulders (dressed)

Slate Cladding

Slate Cladding

Malmesbury Shale Cladding

Malmesbury Shale Cladding

Table Mountain Sandstone Cladding

Table Mountain Sandstone Cladding

Pitching and Cladding

We also offer cladding (vertical surfaces) and pitching (horizontal surfaces) for the extended application of natural materials in and around the landscape. Our in-house stone masons have years of experience and provide the best quality finishes to all our clients.

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