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We believe that a well-designed landscape is an artistic expression of both client and designer, which morphs the divisions between a building and it’s environment.
Designer Gardens

Design Fee Structure

The Design Phase

Our experienced designers guide each client through a comprehensive design phase, consulting and advising on all aspects from concept, style guides and plant selection, to the final master plan.

The fee for garden design work starts at R9000 and depends on the size of the property and extent of detailed plans required. This work is quoted as an exclusive and independent phase and must be settled in full before any actual implementation begins.

This process includes the following work:

Site analysis (soil, sun, wind, water, views, micro climate)

Client brief (function, style, budget)

A garden concept plan.

Mood boards and style guides.

Features and hard-scaping elements.

Lighting and accessories.

Planting palette and detailed plant plan

Itemised Bill of Quantities and detailed quotation.

The Implementation Phase

This will commence on completion of the design phase (if required) and includes the full installation of all hard and soft landscaping works as per the approved plans and quotation. The implementation of the project will be overseen by the designer, but carried out by one of our appointed project managers who will manage the installation with the aid of a senior supervisor and team of experienced garden crewmen. We accept a 30-50% deposit of the construction quote in order to secure the job, at which point all co-ordinating and scheduling of work will begin. The final payment is due on completion.

The Maintenance Phase

This comprises of a recommended 3 month maintenance period to ensure the proper establishment of the landscape and to deal with any snags that may arise. This may also then be extended on a bi-annual or annual basis.

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