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A professionally maintained landscape ensures your garden matures beautifully with age.
Maintanace Services


In order to monitor that the landscape not only establishes correctly after installation, but also matures properly over time, we offer a maintenance contract for a renewable period of 3-12 months after installation. Contracts can be customised to suit your needs and may include daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly visits for a period of 12 months minimum. This length of time allows us to take care of your garden through the changing seasons, giving it what it needs, when it needs it.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Our Maintenance Manager conducts a walk around with you through your garden. We look at the existing state of shrubs and perennials, hedges, trees, flowering plants, the lawn and any other areas you want properly cared for. We listen to how YOU want the garden to look.

Step 2

We develop a unique Maintenance Plan for the garden for a period of 12 months. It includes the basics such as weeding, mowing etc, but also includes the very important things like checking the irrigation, a fertilising program, pruning program, seasonal mulching & composting and goals to improve the garden over time, adding in plants where you want them.

Step 3

We give you a list of tools that are needed for you garden. If you don’t have some of the required tools you can ‘rent’ them from us. They are kept at your property so that they are always available for the crewman. We prefer to set up a compost heap for you if you have space for one, so we can avoid removing greenwaste, and rather recycle it.

Step 4

A crewman is chosen for you. We carefully match up your garden needs with his level of experience. We take into account his transportation needs, his level of supervision required and his on-going training and support.

Step 5

We sign you onto our Garden Maintenance Contract (12 months) and you decide which day(s) of the week you want your crewman to come.

Our Maintenance Team
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