World’s 10 most extreme treehouses

Do you ever sometimes just want to escape from it all, but can’t afford to take valuable time off work to flit about the countryside? Then perhaps a simpler back-door escape to a secret hideout is in order. And nothing beats getting away from it all - out in nature. Where the natural order of [...]

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Christmas is nearly here. A far cry from the snowy wonderlands and roasted chestnuts of Europe, here in the sunny southern hemisphere the days are growing longer, cool evenings inviting us outdoors, Christmas beetles are making merry by the dozen, and soon it’ll be poolside. It’s time to put on the Michael Bublé CD, pour [...]

8 Low Cost Ways to Enhance Your Garden

With Summer in full swing,  We bear witness to a multitude of green coloured plants sprouting everywhere! We can all agree that with the current cost of living,  we have to make smart choices in our "gardening budgets."  There's certainly no reason to despair though as we've found some great low cost ways to ensure [...]

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DIY Living Succulent Frame

How To Create A Living Succulent Frame Yourself. This ‘living art’ is so simple to make, yet makes such a bold statement… Using reclaimed wooden floorboards, skirting, or window frames, this is a great example of up-cycling. Doubling as a vertical garden and feature décor element, a succulent frame simply consists of [...]

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Spring Lawn Treatment 101

Now that spring has sprung the grass will rise - if you go out and fertilize! No wonder it’s called Spring Treatment, your warm season lawn-grasses have been sleeping all winter and they need a bit of a boost to get up and growing. Now that the soil is starting to warm a little with [...]

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