With the cold and rainy weather now in full swing here in the Western Cape. The dry, morning frost covered plateaus of the highveld have also also taken an icy hold. There are a few things to do in the garden that will ensure a stunning garden design in the coming Spring and Summer months.

1. Mowing the lawn can now be reduced to once a fortnight as kikuyu and buffalo lawns go into a quiet growing period.

2. Take the chance to get your mower blades sharpened and oil your other gardening tools such as secateurs and clippers.

3. Remember to switch your irrigation system off now or keep it on a reduced watering in the weeks when the sun still shines with no rain.

4. Once your Summer and Autumn flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants have finished their flowering, its time to cut them back. In June and July plants like Hypoestes aristata, Leonotis, Hemizygia, Plectranthus species and Salvias like a hard prune and can be cut back to half or one third their size, taking care to cut with sharp blades just above a growing node.

5. Remove any old or overgrown summer annuals now and think about where you want to plant your spring and summer annuals.

6. Have a frost cloth or tunnels handy for those cold days and nights.

7. Take a look at the Happy Feed rage of bird feeders.  Natural food sources are in short supply for birds during the winter months . So why not help our feathered friends with a regular food source – they will reward you with hours of entertainment, by turning your garden into your birds local dining area.

8. Get planning for spring. Think about what crops you may want to grow and harvest, along with flowers you would like to pick!

With winter nowhere near the end yet, these quick tips should help you with your gardens design for the upcoming seasons of Spring and Summer.

Happy Gardening everyone!!