Top 3 Climbers for wire & wooden fences:

Today’s post is on our top 3 climbers for covering wire and wooden fences. We will also be writing a post on our top climbers for growing on pergolas, trellises and growing supported against walls etc.

Senecio tamoides – Canary creeper

This indigenous plant is a fast-growing climber with semi-succulent stems and leaves. It can grow up to between 3-4m depending, and usually has a spread of about 2m. It is usually evergreen but in very cold areas can behave in a semi-deciduous manner by dying back slightly in winter but coming back in spring beautifully. The leaves are ivy like and masses of bright yellow daisy-like flowers are borne during late summer and autumn, creating a jaw-dropping show. These flowers are also aromatic and attract butterflies. In nature, it is usually found growing in full sun or semi-shade is water-wise and is not too particular as to what type of soil it grows in.

Podranea ricassiliana – Port St. Johns creeper /pink trumpet vine

This is a vigorous, woody rambling evergreen with glossy green foliage. The average height is 3-5m but can grow bigger if not controlled and grows about 2m wide. Large bunches of lilac-pink, trumpet-shaped, foxglove-like flowers are produced throughout summer, which is fragrant and attracts different bees (Please do not let this discourage you). This fast-growing climber does best in full sun and requires moderate watering and well-drained soil. It does benefit from some pruning to keep it in shape and in check, and pruning can actually encourage blooming. This plant also does well planted on wire fences, arbours, pergola’s and carports. It is very vigorous and heavy so I wouldn’t recommend planting it where there is not a strong support. Podranea brycea or Zimbabwe creeper is another type of Podranea which is extremely similar, the only difference being that the leaves are hairy.

Pyrostegia venusta – Golden shower/ orange trumpet vine

This extremely fast growing exotic climber is breathtaking when it cascades with what looks like a waterfall of orange trumpet-like flowers. It flowers for many months of the year, from just after Christmas until winter. This climber can grow as tall as you let it or what it is supported by and about 2-2,5m wide usually. It prefers full sun but can also be grown in semi-shade, is quite water-wise and enjoys a well-drained soil of any PH. Golden shower climbers are very vigorous like the Podranea’s and need very good strong supports.

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