Today’s blog will help you choose the best foliage to help bring out the colour your want.

When it comes to incorporating colour into your landscape, one usually relies on flower blooms.

Flower blooms can now be found in virtually any imaginable colour.  And if you cannot find that colour that fills your requirement, believe me; somewhere out there is an aspiring horticulturalist who is trying to put his propagation skills to work to cultivate a plant which sports that flower colour.

But flower blossoms are often, relatively speaking, short lived.  Some plants will flower only once a year.  Some species might flower twice or perhaps three times, but very few plants flower year round.

So there is an alternative to relying on flower blossoms only, to achieve your colour requirements.

There is a world of foliage colour that can add all year round colour to your landscape.  Such plants are best utilised where you need permanent colour or an accent plant.

But they can also be used in combination with one another to create a truly spectacular yearlong colour display.

Combine them WITH flower colour and you combine floral seasonal variance with permanent foliage colour.

The foliage colour will bridge the seasons as their colour will remain constant from season to season.   The temporary seasonal flower colour will add ever changing interest, if put against a back drop of foliage colour.

A few really attractive colour combinations where seasonal flower colour is combined with foliage colour:

Burgundy (foliage) and powder blue (flower)

In front of Leucadendron Hybrid “Burgundy sunset” plant Plumbago auriculata.(Plumbago) The dark burgundy foliage presented by the Leucadendron creates a beautiful backdrop against the seasonal  Plumbago flowers, which will be  accentuated.

Leucadendron ‘Burgundy sunset’

Plumbago auriculata blue

Purple (Agapanthus purple delight) and red (Leucadendron Hybrid “Safari sunset/Red Devil”)

In front of Leucadendron safari sunset/red devil, plant Agapanthus “Purple delight”

Leucadendron ‘Safari sunset’

Agapanthus ‘Purple delight’


Helichrysum various grey types

Rhagoda histata

Cotyledon orbiculata.

Buddleja salvifolia

Eriocephalus africanus

Artemesia afra

Salvia officinalis (sage)

Cynara scolymus – Artichoke (Also has the most beautiful flowers)

 Lavandula angustifolia

Leucadendron argenteum

Cotyledon orbiculata grey

Leucadendron argenteum

Senecio ficoides

Red & Burgandy

Nandina domestica & pygmea

Kalanchoe thrysiflora/luciae

Crassula capitella ‘Camps Fire’

Heuchera hybrids (These come in many different colours pinks, peaches yellow etc)

Leucadendron safari sunset

Phormium tenax and other hybrids

Imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’

Aloe vanballenii

Aloe vanbalenii

Crassula capitella ‘Camps fire’

Nandina domestica ‘Pygmea’


Duranta Sheena’s Gold

Eunymus hybrids

Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’

Plectranthus ‘Sasha’

Portulacaria prostrata ‘lutea’

Codiaeum variegatum yellow hybrids

Sedum ‘Angelina’

Coleonema ‘Sunset Gold’

Portulacaria lutea

Sedum ‘Angelina’


Plectranthus madagasceriensis

Chlorophytum comosum variegatum

Dianella tasmanica variegated

Plectranthus madagasceriensis

Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’

Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’

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