Artificial Greening – Our Growing Range of Artificial Plants
Don’t be fooled! Faux is the new cool! The new possibilities for using synthetic or ‘fake’ plants for greening up your interior and outdoor living spaces are reaching new heights, quite literally!

Artificial Greening – Our Growing Range of Artificial Plants


Don’t let anyone fool you! Faux is the new cool! The new possibilities for using artificial plants for greening up your interior and outdoor living spaces are reaching new heights! We have been working hard developing our growing range of artificial green walling options. It is becoming very difficult to tell artificial plants from real plants. We introduce you in this blog to some of our new products in our Artificial Plants range. In addition, we will give you some tips on where best to consider using them.

In our previous blog on Artificial Plants, Contours Design Studio introduced you to some of the many landscape design pros and water-saving benefits of using Artificial Plants. Since then our in-house Landscaper and qualified Interior Designer, Sasha Schafer, carefully developed and honed our Artificial Plants range. Our designer did research on various problems. Consequently, various solutions are now available. Firstly, a solution to the ongoing water scarcity problem. Secondly for bringing greening into more difficult settings and spaces. To clarify, these are normally the areas where real plants won’t thrive. We now offer 4 distinct types of artificial greening solutions that have specific application requirements.

Source: PEG Design

The reception backdrop at Pier Place in Cape Town beautifully greens the modern architecture. Moreover, it adds a softer, quieter feeling to a busy office. Designed using our Standard Artificial Plants Range. In addition, we added some loose 3D Artificial Plants for more textural interest



Our Standard Range of Artificial Plants offers a solution to flat surfaces. These can be either vertical or horizontal surfaces requiring greening that is hedge-like or more uniform. This product comes flat on a plastic backing. There are 3 different types you can choose from, depending on the look you desire. The Buxus variety has a small leaf that is well suited to use for faux box hedging. However, you can mainly use it in a square or rectangular format. There is also the larger leafed Myrtle and Laurel which would be perfect for using against a fence as a fake hedge. This hedge is made of artificial plants, is UV resistant and it never needs clipping or watering. 

We have used these products in a variety of settings which include: 

  • A dramatic backdrop to a reception area.
  • As rectangular box hedging in bespoke timber planters at restaurants.
  • Green partition screens for offices. 

You can very effectively use the three types together. As a result, you will get bespoke designs that have more than one texture.

Examples of walling and box hedging by Contours Landscape Studio. You can create these with our Standard Range of Artificial Plants. Best suited to flat vertical or horizontal surfaces. These products are UV coated and one can use them to create a hedge effect, where it is difficult to grow a real one. Moreover, you can design bespoke planters to contain hedging. Further, you can apply it to a wall very quickly and easily.


Our Exclusive Range of Artificial Plants offers greening solutions that are 3 Dimensional. It incorporates 4 to 5 different artificial plant species and has a far more realistic and textural feel. Certainly, this makes them more versatile and great for use on various structures and walls. Further, you can easily use them on curved structures. There are three types we offer. Each type consists of different plant species. As a result, you get various different looks.


A tropical feeling with a combination of 3D lush plants, larger leafed ferny type plants, grasses and a white-flowered leafy plant. You can easily add in a few loose plants to create more possibilities. In addition, you can use it on curved structures.

‘Valley Green’ was used as the backdrop to an outdoor shower. A real living green wall had previously been installed here, but it did not thrive due to the drought and the clients replaced it with this beautiful green solution that will last for years.


A foresty feeling with ivy-like plants, large pops of ferny plants and smaller leafed fillers. As with the ‘Valley Green’, you can easily add in a few loose plants to create more possibilities. In addition, you can use it on curved structures.

Forest Floor’ with pops of ferny plants amongst an ivy-like background looks great in these examples by Contours Landscape Studio. Helping to give a softer, green feel to an area that needs sun glare reduction and greening. Utilised where there is no space for real plants and where maintenance and irrigation would be difficult.


Our most customisable and most realistic option. We made this product using loose artificial plants, attached to a rigid PVC-coated wire mesh backing. Since you can’t bend it, you can only use this type on flat structures. We used combinations of different loose plants consisting of approximately 80 plants per Square metre. What’s more, is that the result looks very lush and extra unique, with lots of depth. It is very realistic with a large variety of plants, leaf colours and textural effects to choose from.

‘Riverine’ looks beautiful as a green and textured feature wall. Made up of a large variety of individual loose 3D plants. We design these walls with a great range of plant types, leaf colours and even flowers. Due to the design, you can only use it for flat applications.


We also source a wide range of loose, larger artificial plants. These are great for use in indoor settings. For instance, in restaurants, shopping malls, in pots, and in large planters. Of course, you can also use these Artificial Plants in the outside landscape. In particular where you need a few dramatic plants. Ideally, use them where water and light are in short supply. Large Aloes, Agaves, Buxus balls, small topiary trees and more realistic-looking shrubs and trees are available. We supply these Artificial Plants with or without standard or bespoke pots. Contours Design Studio design and make the pots in-house.

The possibilities are wide for the use of these fake plants which look almost real. These Artificial Plants are preferred for use in restaurants, the home or business settings. Perfect for use where you need the green and beauty of plants, but you can’t irrigate.

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