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Kronendal Primary School

Kronendal Primary in Hout Bay contacted Contours Design Studio with the request to revamp their aftercare facility, the spec was to create an area for the children where they could ‘learn through  play” and practice the skills learnt in school. Julia Budden the designer of this amazing project and mother of two boys jumped [...]

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Fire Inspired Garden Elements – Keeping You Warm This Winter

Cold temperatures, rain and even snow around the country mean that most of us prefer a cozy spot by the fire inside with a glass of wine, rather than an afternoon on the outside patio. Adding in bright red and orange winter flowering plants, outdoor heat sources, and elements that ignite the imagination of [...]

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Unlocking the Wow Factor With Garden Maintenance

Every season in the garden brings with it changes that your plants undergo, requiring different tasks to be done to preserve the plants, trees and features of your garden and create longevity of your home’s green asset. Optimising your garden through maintenance and unlocking the factors that contribute to its longevity and value, are [...]

Not Just Rocks In A Box Part Two

As landscapers we have access to a lot of different varieties of stone and rock that can be offered as fill materials for gabions. Using these materials cleverly and with professional experience is important for designing retaining structures in your house or landscape. The diversity of the fill materials combined with [...]

The Time Is Now – Preparing To Plant

With rain sporadic this May, many of us gardeners are breathing a sigh of relief that water for our drought-parched gardens is on the way! Many gardeners, including us Landscape Designers, are starting to plan for planting, after putting this off for a few months to coincide with the rain. What can we do [...]

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Not Just Rocks In A Box – The Power of Gabions

Want to add some drama and raw appeal to your garden? Gabions can do just that. Stone and rock have long been part of our human experience and natural language of the earth and when added into your outdoor living space, add warmth, a sense of time, stability and a unity with the landscape. [...]

Contours Landscapes: The Story Behind Our Rebranding And Growth

Cape Contours Landscape Solutions had humble beginnings and has steadily grown its services, products and expertise over the last 12 years. You may have noticed that we have recently rebranded the company, created a beautiful new website and dropped ‘Cape’ from our name. We are now proudly Contours Landscape Services.  What sparked this recent [...]

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Understanding The Landscaping Industry – Who To Call And When

A well-designed plant palette by our in-house Landscape Designer, Cara Smith – and planted by our in-house Landscaping teams Excerpt: Have some big dreams for your garden or new home? Getting overwhelmed by your garden ideas and are not sure where to start, what your budget is or what to [...]

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Designing For Water Scarcity – Beyond The Drought

Cape Contours Landscape Solutions would like to encourage our valued followers to read the below linked article ‘’Beyond the drought’’, this wonderfully informative & well written article by author Anno Torr of the Indigenous Gardener encourages us to change the way we think about utilising every drop of water. This article [...]

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Artificial Plants & Faux Flora

Save the drop! Go Faux! There have been great leaps in the manufacturing of artificial plants, greenery and flowers and these days it is getting harder to tell them apart from the real thing. In this blog, we look at the many new possibilities that Artificial Plants are being used to soften balconies, offices, [...]