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Local is lekker: Indigenous edibles

Today’s blog topic is on an unusual and up and coming topic. Indigenous edible plants are becoming important as a way to help problems of food insecurity as well as the fact that unusual food sources are becoming extremely fashionable. In this blog we will mention some of these indigenous plants and how to [...]

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How to set your garden and yourself up for success.

Today’s post is focused on how to set your garden and yourself up for success When you think about your garden, what is the first emotion it provokes? If its shame and discontent don’t worry, we're here to help, if you’re happy with your outdoor space, continue reading, you might [...]

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Synthetic Turf

Today’s post is focused on Synthetic Turf Synthetic Turf Contours Landscapes Synthetic Turf department was established when our team of award winning landscape designer received regular enquires for artificial turf. Contours Landscapes saw this as an opportunity to offer our clients the option of an eco-friendly solution in lawn application [...]

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Moroccan Spice

Today’s post is focused on a Moroccan Spice redesign Tiny gardens are generally undervalued in the portfolio of landscaping professionals.  Very often, the challenge is to create interest and accommodate a long ‘wish list’ in limited space, but when well designed, they can be as satisfying as large gardens and estates.This tiny 80m² [...]

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Benefits of endemic and indigenous

Today’s post is focused on the The benefits of including endemic species in your garden. The infamous Boabab Tree When you first hear the terms “indigenous” and “endemic” they might sound similar, but there is a fair difference. Indigenous species are native to a region but not exclusively found in that [...]

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Three hardy plants for retaining wall and bank planting

Today’s post is focused on three plants which are hardy enough and have the spreading and cascading habit required for retaining wall and bank planting. Lotus berthelotii – Parrot’s beak This for us is literally one of the most stunning and striking plants to ever exist. It is not from [...]

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Grow your own ‘Berry delicious’ plant:

I am sure we can all agree that the cost of buying berries in the shops is insanity and often unaffordable. This is such a pity because berries are such a wonderful superfood that we should be eating them like crazy. So our post today is focused around 3 berry plants [...]

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