DIY Garden Guide

Landscaping Trends and What’s Driving Them

Change is inevitable they say – and in our industry it is a valuable opportunity to evaluate how we design and bring gardens to life. Changes in response to the ongoing water crisis are leading to wonderfully creative and practical new thinking and ways with plants and materials. Here at Cape Contours Landscape Studio [...]

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Artificial lawn – What You Need to Know Before You Install Artificial Lawn

The pros, the cons and what you need to know before you install artificial lawn, fake grass, synthetic turf. It is completely waterwise! This is why we at Cape Contours Landscape Solutions are loving artificial lawn right now! If you have a new area of lawn you [...]

Rainwater Harvesting – Does It Work In Cape Town?

With the increasing pressure on our municipal fresh water supplies and the increasing restrictions per household and costs, it surely makes sense to collect and store rainwater for domestic use. This is a regular question we get asked at Cape Contours Landscapes. We interviewed Evan Brighton, a local supplier of mini [...]

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Autumn Coloured Plants

Excerpt: April and May is the start of the dormant period for many evergreen shrubs and trees. Thousands of leaves on our deciduous trees are dropping and carpeting the ground with their orange and brown tones. What else is flowering and looking colourful at this time of the year? In this blog we look [...]

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Fruit Trees for the Fresh Food Lover

We all love fresh fruit salad and a juicy apple or fresh lemon. But there is nothing better than when you know it was grown with love in your own garden. Save yourself some of the hassle of researching fruit trees for the fresh food lover and find out what is available and a [...]

Bird Feeders and Beyond – Everything You Need to Know

March and April are excellent months to provide nesting, resting, feeding and water sites for birds in your garden. Here at cape Contours Landscaping we are taking some time to think about our feathered friends who add so much life and joy in our gardens and finding out what you can do to bring [...]

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Creative Use of Indigenous plants

With the drought still in full swing in the Cape, many of us Landscapers and gardeners and again looking to our indigenous plants to fill in the bare areas of our gardens that have succumbed to the lack of rain. Many of these plants in our indigenous palette, are tough, beautiful and water wise [...]

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March is for Maintenance

March is typically a very busy gardening month with a lot of gardening maintenance tasks that need to be done. It’s time to clear out the dead growth of summer, and make room for the new garden you can imagine! Raking up leaves, cutting back shrubs, feeding certain plants, dividing and garden planning will [...]

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Water Wise: Grey Water

Greywater Harvesting Extract: Grey water harvesting is another way in which to save our planet’s most precious resource, water. There is a lot of debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the current systems on offer in the landscaping industry. In this blog we look at what exactly it is and how [...]

Tillandsias – Ethereal Airplants!

You probably remember these interesting plants from your gran’s garden in the 80’s? They hang from a tree branch and survive on very little other than air, and make a pretty show of pinky and purple flowers in the summer. You may have a spray of them in your tree that you have never [...]