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How to play your part in saving our bee pollination

How to play your part in saving our bee pollination: The honeybee and general bee pollination is an indicator of our planet's health, and sadly currently this situation is looking rather bleak as every year bee populations are dwindling drastically. We as humans don’t realise how much of an impact this [...]

Helpful Tips for May In Your Garden

May is your last month to plan and prepare your garden and beautiful landscape for the potentially cold and harsh winter months coming up. The more preparation and work you put in, the more successful your garden will be at not only surviving, but flourishing in the winter months. This means [...]

Top 3 Climbers For Wire & Wooden Fences

Top 3 Climbers for wire & wooden fences: Today’s post is on our top 3 climbers for covering wire and wooden fences. We will also be writing a post on our top climbers for growing on pergolas, trellises and growing supported against walls etc. Senecio tamoides – Canary creeper This indigenous [...]

Gardening Tips – Weekly Round Up – March Part 3

This week our gardening tips include our war on weeds, recycling and dealing with cutworms. MONDAY'S GARDEN WOES... How to deal with cutworms naturally Cutworm is a type of caterpillar, and is specifically the larvae of a number of species of adult moths. They have powerful jaws which eat and [...]

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Bring Your Garden To Your Table – Braai Edition

February and March are our last two months of summer before the weather starts cooling down. Make the best of the hot weather by having a green and unique braai with family and friends, which will be sure to impress and leave life long memories. This blog will give you recipes and ideas for [...]

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Helpful tips for February in the garden:

Mulching your garden We are on the door step of what is usually the hottest month of the year, February. Be prepared and protect your plants by mulching your garden beds. Mulching retains water in your soil for a longer period of time, making it more accessible to plant roots. At [...]

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