Please note that Contours Landscapes currently are not installing Living Green Walls due to the Water Crisis in the Western Cape, and the permanent maintenance costs associated with these installations.

Please view our Faux Flora range for a water wise and maintenance free green wall alternative

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Living Green Walls

These marvellous living tapestries can be used almost anywhere, with innovative designs uniquely customized to fit any space.

Also known as vertical gardens or living walls, add a beautiful living element to exterior or interior walls and architecture. They can be adapted into a portable screen or partition between spaces, an extended planting surface for fresh herbs and vegetables, or to add a lush backdrop in apartments, restaurants and shops.

Cape Contours offers a complete Green Walls service across South Africa and beyond. Our aim is to beautify, ‘green’ and strengthen our cities by introducing more of these vertical green lungs into our living and working environments.

Apart from simply improving the aesthetic appeal of a space, Living Green Walls (LGWs) contribute considerably to our health and well-being. The sounds, smells, colours, and movement of plants in working or living environments help to reduce stress by creating a calming and nourishing atmosphere which greatly improves comfort levels and productivity.

Physically, LGWs remove Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) or pollutants like carbon dioxide and benzene from the air and release fresh oxygen, which offsets buildings’ carbon footprints.

Used indoors, they regulate relative room temperatures, increase ambient humidity, reduce airborne dust levels, and absorb background noise. Outdoors, they reduce glare absorb traffic noise and pollution, insulate buildings, curbing energy costs and reducing the ‘urban heat island effect’. They also reduce storm water runoff and can be used to effectively recycle ‘grey-water’ while creating natural habitats for bird and animal life.

Climbing Facades

The simplest of all the Green Wall systems to mimic Mother Nature uses a tensile trellis framework for climbing (or creeping) plants to ‘climb-up’. Designed to hold even the heaviest plant growth, tensile cables are made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel which make them resistant to corrosion, even in coastal areas. Yet unlike Mother Nature, this type of vertical gardening is not dependant on a pre-existing wall or surface. Tensile cables can be attached directly to the roof structure or floor in a wide variety of configurations, allowing the facade to fill any space.

Geo-Textile Pocket Panel System

Our Pocket Panel System comprises of a series of high quality geo-textile pockets forming singular 1m x 1m panels edged with a durable strapping for mounting. Each panel includes a built-in sleeve for the incorporation of the irrigation system, which can be set up directly to an existing system, or custom fit to reticulate into a holding trough, allowing the water to be recycled conservatively. We also offer carefully balanced feeding programs specific to the plants and system used. The entire system is fixed to a lightweight aluminium and expanded mesh framework that can span any distance. Using our specially formulated lightweight, moisture-retentive soil mix, a variety of sun and shade-loving plant species can be grown.

Modular Plant Pod System

This DIY system consists of prefabricated high density plastic (polyethylene), UV resistant, modular pods which clip onto a separate backing plate. The stylish pods can hold 12cm plastic pots bought directly from the nursery, which provides the option of not needing to transplant at all. Plants can also be easily removed and replaced without fuss.
This wonderfully simple system offers the additional advantage of creative expression as the individual pods and plants can be switched and swapped at will, creating a uniquely personal feature wall that can be easily reconfigured to create different patterns or colour themes.


Buildings are not natural environments for plants and human intervention is required to help them survive. As such, maintenance requirements should be considered carefully when evaluating the feasibility of a green wall project. Although clever design and technology can be used to reduce the need for maintenance (i.e. automated planter box irrigation systems), maintenance is unavoidable and the effectiveness of the regime will impact on the success of the project.

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