Autumn Coloured Plants

Excerpt: April and May is the start of the dormant period for many evergreen shrubs and trees. Thousands of leaves on our deciduous trees are dropping and carpeting the ground with their orange and brown tones. What else is flowering and looking colourful at this time of the year? In this blog we look [...]

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Bird Feeders and Beyond – Everything You Need to Know

March and April are excellent months to provide nesting, resting, feeding and water sites for birds in your garden. Here at cape Contours Landscaping we are taking some time to think about our feathered friends who add so much life and joy in our gardens and finding out what you can do to bring [...]

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March is for Maintenance

March is typically a very busy gardening month with a lot of gardening maintenance tasks that need to be done. It’s time to clear out the dead growth of summer, and make room for the new garden you can imagine! Raking up leaves, cutting back shrubs, feeding certain plants, dividing and garden planning will [...]

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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Make Use of Autumn Leaves

When I think of Autumn, rich reds, bright yellows and robust orange leaves come to mind. Although beautiful, autumn leaves can become a hassle to clean up. Instead of throwing the leaves in the trash, rather make the most of them - help your garden grow or beautify your home. Autumn leaves can become your ally [...]

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How To Espalier Fruit Trees

‘Espalier’ is a French word, but originates from the Italian word "spalliera" meaning "something to rest the shoulder (spalla) against". When 15th Century French fruit farmers were pressed for time and money and wanted to increase their fruit yields, within the confines of their farms and walled gardens, they [...]

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Favourite Flowers for the Autumn Garden – Part 1

Vivid blooms and striking colours make these annuals and perennials a delight in autumn landscapes Gardeners tend to get excited about spring, looking forward to trying out new plants and maybe even making a big move and changing their landscapes. And in summer there’s the joy of the garden in full bloom, and most fruit [...]

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