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Have you heard about ZEOPLANT?

Extract: Want to know how to save up to 50% on your irrigation water needs and associated costs? A volcanic mineral compound called Zeoplant is the solution. Added into existing garden soil, it is an amazing organic compound with a crystalline structure that contains Zeolites that make it so good at retaining moisture where [...]

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Our Best Water Wise Plants – Part 2

Part two of our popular blog on our best water wise plants that we as Cape Contours use regularly in our gardens. We have broken them down into categories that make these hardy plants such tough water champions, we share why we keep them firmly in our water wise plant palette. [...]

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Best Waterwise Tips for your garden

We are now in the grips of a serious drought and everyone’s gardens and trees are showing signs of the lack of water. The likelihood of water demand outstripping supply to the Cape Peninsula between 2013 and 2020 is well documented which means water restrictions are probably going to remain in force for the [...]

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