Nature’s Solutions To Rainwater Harvesting

Our provincial dams are still very low despite the very welcome rains we have had in the Western Cape over the last few weeks. With dam levels across the country at only 56% , we are still a long way from full. With the last of the heavy rains coming in July and August, [...]

Designing For Water Scarcity – Beyond The Drought

Cape Contours Landscape Solutions would like to encourage our valued followers to read the below linked article ‘’Beyond the drought’’, this wonderfully informative & well written article by author Anno Torr of the Indigenous Gardener encourages us to change the way we think about utilising every drop of water. This article [...]

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Level 5 Drought Survivors – What Are our Garden Designers Planting?

Tried and tested - What our designers are planting now in preparation for the hot summer. This summer in the Cape is predicted to be very dry with very little rainfall over our catchment areas compared to previous years. Our gardens need to be as resilient as possible to be able to withstand the [...]

The Future Of Waterwise Technology Is Here!

Keeping in line with our waterwise theme during this dry period, we have put together an article showcasing the technology available in practice around the world that is doing it's part in saving and providing safe to drink water. We have become increasingly aware that water is simply not an infinite natural resource. And we [...]

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10 Tips For Saving Water

Having brought you water saving tips for your Summer garden (click here). We are featuring further tips provided by the team of House and Leisure. Advice from Ernst van Jaarsveld… Ernst van Jaarsveld’s, author if the Waterwise Gardening book, was interviewed by Kim Grove in the November issue of House and Leisure last year, we are featuring it [...]

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