Top 3 Showy Flowering Herbs

Today’s post is on three unusual herbs which we think can add colour to your garden and still be used for medicinal purposes. Nepeta mussinii – (Catmint) This old fashioned English country garden plant will really add a burst of colour to your garden with soft grey-green foliage and a [...]

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Eat Your Flowers

EAT YOUR FLOWERS Flowers have been eaten and used in recipes for centuries. The Romans, Chinese, middle eastern’s and even Indian cultures have been known to use flowers for culinary purposes. There are some rules and dos and don’ts to eating flowers. *Make sure before you eat a flower that you [...]

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Orchids for Mother’s Day

Excerpt: Celebrate your love for your Mum on Sunday 14 May with something that she will love and that will keep on giving! Orchids make wonderful gifts and are stocked in many retail nurseries and grocery stores. In this blog we find out a bit more about the most commonly available Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium [...]

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Bougainvilleas – So Bright And Bold

Excerpt: One of the few plants making a splash at this time of the year are the beautiful Boungainvillea cultivars! From white to pale orange, bright pinks and deep magentas, there are a lot of vibrant ones available these days. In this blog we find out more about growing these cheerful climbing Boungainvilleas, so [...]

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September bush

POLYGALA MYRTIFOLIA Polygala myrtifolia is in full bloom at the moment, living up to its common names of ‘September bush’ or ‘Augustusbos’ seeing as it can start its blooming anytime in early spring. This evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 0.6 to 1.8m is also indigenous [...]

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Butterflies in the garden

Everyone is charmed by butterflies! They represent metamorphosis, hope through change and are symbolic of the life-cycle of all living things. Some are brilliantly patterned and coloured with kaleidoscopic markings. Others are a little more subdued and in this blog we look at two of the common ones in our Cape gardens and one that [...]

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Favourite Flowers for the Autumn Garden – Part 1

Vivid blooms and striking colours make these annuals and perennials a delight in autumn landscapes Gardeners tend to get excited about spring, looking forward to trying out new plants and maybe even making a big move and changing their landscapes. And in summer there’s the joy of the garden in full bloom, and most fruit [...]

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West Coast flowers: Where to go and what you will see

If you are going to do the West Coast flowers this season, then you should know that the season is at its peak from August to early October and photos of the incredible display are already trending on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. In this blog we look at the three top spots for spotting the [...]

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