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Helpful Tips for May In Your Garden

May is your last month to plan and prepare your garden and beautiful landscape for the potentially cold and harsh winter months coming up. The more preparation and work you put in, the more successful your garden will be at not only surviving, but flourishing in the winter months. This means [...]

Unlocking the Wow Factor With Garden Maintenance

Every season in the garden brings with it changes that your plants undergo, requiring different tasks to be done to preserve the plants, trees and features of your garden and create longevity of your home’s green asset. Optimising your garden through maintenance and unlocking the factors that contribute to its longevity and value, are [...]

March is for Maintenance

March is typically a very busy gardening month with a lot of gardening maintenance tasks that need to be done. It’s time to clear out the dead growth of summer, and make room for the new garden you can imagine! Raking up leaves, cutting back shrubs, feeding certain plants, dividing and garden planning will [...]

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Contemporary Formal Garden Design

The history of the Formal garden design, The beautiful formality and elegance of a simple rectangular pond and clipped plant balls. Formal Garden design goes back to Roman and Medievel times and the ‘Physic’ gardens that were planted in monasteries and manor houses. Formal gardens have evolved slowly with gardening trends and architecture [...]

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