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Autumn Coloured Plants

Excerpt: April and May is the start of the dormant period for many evergreen shrubs and trees. Thousands of leaves on our deciduous trees are dropping and carpeting the ground with their orange and brown tones. What else is flowering and looking colourful at this time of the year? In this blog we look [...]

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Landscapers always extoll the virtues of mulching…but why is it so good for your plants and garden? Did you know that mulching your garden beds is one of the best pro-active water-saving things you can do in your garden? Mulching dramatically reduces water loss from the soil due to evaporation, so [...]

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Creative container gardening

Spring has officially sprung here in the Cape and the nurseries are awash with colourful annuals begging to be planted up in your pots and troughs. But have you thought about some other containers you may have at home that could become a beautiful vessel for a colourful collection of plants and succulents? There are [...]

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4 Good Reasons Why Winter Is A Smart Time To Garden

Although most people associate the beginning of spring as the seasonal marker to begin sprucing up the garden (usually accompanied by a frantic every-man-for-himself rush to the local nursery); but actually this seemingly sudden revelation has already been in the pipe-line for weeks and if you wait until you see the [...]

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All you need to know about Vermiculture (worm farming)

The humble earthworm is the topic of today’s blog…and more specifically his poop! Vermiculture is defined as worm growing or worm farming and here in Cape Town the trend to start your own worm farm began about 5 years ago. There are now a handful of companies and individuals who can sell you the specially [...]

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Summer Gardening Tips – What To Do Now In The Garden

Summer is a particularly busy time in the world of garden design, and also the season when the hard work of the previous seasons is finally seen in the landscapes flowers, fruits and rich green growth of the summer. With the relaxing and enjoying the holidays behind us now, it is no time [...]

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December Garden ‘Must Do’s’

It’s the festive season, hooray!...or are you saying…’No, not yet!’?. Is your garden looking as fabulous as you had hoped it would for all your family and guests? If not, then, here are some last minute December Garden Must Do’s to get it looking beautiful in a couple of weeks. [...]

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