Fire Inspired Garden Elements – Keeping You Warm This Winter

Cold temperatures, rain and even snow around the country mean that most of us prefer a cozy spot by the fire inside with a glass of wine, rather than an afternoon on the outside patio. Adding in bright red and orange winter flowering plants, outdoor heat sources, and elements that ignite the imagination of [...]

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World’s 10 most extreme treehouses

Do you ever sometimes just want to escape from it all, but can’t afford to take valuable time off work to flit about the countryside? Then perhaps a simpler back-door escape to a secret hideout is in order. And nothing beats getting away from it all - out in nature. Where the natural order of [...]

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The Most Amazing Landscapes You Will Ever See (Part 3)

In response to the popularity of our first two post on the Most Amazing Landscapes You Will Ever See (Click here to view Part 1 and Part 2)... we have sifted and sorted, trawled and traveled (virtually of course) to find some more of the worlds most breathtaking landscapes for your viewing pleasure! We hope you enjoy, and [...]

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The Most Amazing Landscapes You Will Ever See (Part 1)

Sometimes an amazing landscape can leave you spellbound. From majestic waterfalls, and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders. Throughout our amazing planet, there are the kinds of places that we cant even imagine, until we see them with our own eyes. Here are 20 of our most amazing and unusual landscapes from around the [...]

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