Helpful tips for February in the garden:

Mulching your garden We are on the door step of what is usually the hottest month of the year, February. Be prepared and protect your plants by mulching your garden beds. Mulching retains water in your soil for a longer period of time, making it more accessible to plant roots. At [...]

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4 Good Reasons Why Winter Is A Smart Time To Garden

Although most people associate the beginning of spring as the seasonal marker to begin sprucing up the garden (usually accompanied by a frantic every-man-for-himself rush to the local nursery); but actually this seemingly sudden revelation has already been in the pipe-line for weeks and if you wait until you see the [...]

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December Garden ‘Must Do’s’

It’s the festive season, hooray!...or are you saying…’No, not yet!’?. Is your garden looking as fabulous as you had hoped it would for all your family and guests? If not, then, here are some last minute December Garden Must Do’s to get it looking beautiful in a couple of weeks. [...]

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