March is for Maintenance

March is typically a very busy gardening month with a lot of gardening maintenance tasks that need to be done. It’s time to clear out the dead growth of summer, and make room for the new garden you can imagine! Raking up leaves, cutting back shrubs, feeding certain plants, dividing and garden planning will [...]

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Landscapers always extoll the virtues of mulching…but why is it so good for your plants and garden? Did you know that mulching your garden beds is one of the best pro-active water-saving things you can do in your garden? Mulching dramatically reduces water loss from the soil due to evaporation, so [...]

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Summer Gardening Tips – What To Do Now In The Garden

Summer is a particularly busy time in the world of garden design, and also the season when the hard work of the previous seasons is finally seen in the landscapes flowers, fruits and rich green growth of the summer. With the relaxing and enjoying the holidays behind us now, it is no time [...]

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