Indoor Terrarium Rooms

We all know that plants provide us much needed oxygen and clean the air we breathe. It has also been found that they calm us and slow our heartbeats and soothe us when we are stressed out. Perhaps this is why indoor terrariums have long been used in Japanese architecture to bring a piece of [...]

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Our Best Waterwise Plants

Temperatures are soaring and the heat and lack of rain has been intense this Summer in the Cape. Sadly a lot of the plants in our gardens are struggling as they are not all waterwise species. As Landscapers we know what gardeners need to do, and that is to slowly replace the thirsty exotics with [...]

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Kniphofia species (Red Hot Poker)

Every month here at Cape Contours we highlight a new plant (both exotics and indigenous species) and tell you about its qualities that we think make it a worthwhile addition to your gardens landscape. For the Month of November we are adoring Kniphofias! The summer-flowering species and cultivars are all about to flower in [...]

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The Huge World of Miniature Gardens

What gardening trend is hotter than vertical gardens, succulents, and edible landscapes? Miniature gardens! The great thing about miniature gardening is ultimately the combination of crafting and gardening, to create your very own fantasy landscape. Perhaps a little English cottage in a meadow, or a shady bench on the bank of a stream, or even a fairy treehouse? [...]

IRIS JAPONICA – Plant of the Month

Every month we highlight a new plant (both exotics and indigenous species) and tell you about some of its qualities that we think make it a worthwhile garden specimen. IRIS JAPONICA This month our plant of the month is the exquisite, but little-used Iris japonica, an exotic perennial from Japan. This rhizomous, grassy-like plant [...]

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Corrugated Steel Tanks bring African Chic to the Mother City

Corrugated steel rain water tanks have always held a certain country charm; simple, strong, lightweight, durable and inexpensive. Yet even as practical as they are out on the farm, corrugated tanks have never made it in the big city. Perhaps it’s because they seem a bit provincial for the modern style home or maybe people [...]

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