Butterflies in the garden

Everyone is charmed by butterflies! They represent metamorphosis, hope through change and are symbolic of the life-cycle of all living things. Some are brilliantly patterned and coloured with kaleidoscopic markings. Others are a little more subdued and in this blog we look at two of the common ones in our Cape gardens and one that [...]

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Spring Lawn Treatment 101

Now that spring has sprung the grass will rise - if you go out and fertilize! No wonder it’s called Spring Treatment, your warm season lawn-grasses have been sleeping all winter and they need a bit of a boost to get up and growing. Now that the soil is starting to warm a little with [...]

Companion Planting for the Veggie Garden:

It’s now a well-known fact that certain plants grow better when planted near to each other as they improve each other’s well-being and protect each other from attack by insect pests. Now this is the kind of gardening I like, letting Nature lead the way and do the work! This is especially useful when applied [...]

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