Summer Gardening Tips – What To Do Now In The Garden

Summer is a particularly busy time in the world of garden design, and also the season when the hard work of the previous seasons is finally seen in the landscapes flowers, fruits and rich green growth of the summer. With the relaxing and enjoying the holidays behind us now, it is no time [...]

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Hydrangeas (Christmas Flowers)

Every month we highlight a new plant (both exotics and indigenous species) and tell you about some of its qualities that we think make it a worthwhile garden specimen. This month we’ve chosen the blousy Hydrangea or ‘Christmas flower’ as we fondly call them in South Africa, owing to the fact that [...]

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18 Tips To Create Your Own Veggie Garden

Spring has sprung and summer is upon us, finally. Which means it is time to be inspired and get stuck into your veggie garden. September and October are traditionally the best months in the Cape for sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings from trays into the veggie garden, but with the seasons a little late this [...]