What you need to know about sub-surface drainage

Every winter we visit gardens that have become waterlogged where the rain does not drain away rapidly enough, leaving lawns completely sodden, killing the grass and making the garden a mud bath. This calls for drastic measures… sub-surface drainage. Although more commonly used on an industrial scale for sports fields and large agricultural lands; sub-surface [...]

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What is Aquascaping?

In a nutshell, aquascaping is the art of creating an underwater garden or ‘aquascape’ in a tank or vessel with aquatic plants and other materials, with or without fish. The humble fish-tank aquarium ‘decoration’ has evolved into an art form of its own, where the emphasis is on re-creating a very realistic, natural underwater scene [...]

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Drought survival tips for your garden

Your garden is taking strain in the relentless hot weather and lack of rain. Current water restrictions mean that we can only water twice a week on irrigation from mains and borehole and hence many of our landscapes and lawns are looking brown and forlorn. In this blog we look at a few practical and [...]

We get the low down on Boreholes and Wellpoints

Water is a scarcity…and a necessity if you, like us, love gardens and plants. It has been predicted that the Western Cape will be the first region to run out of water unless steps are taken to manage the demand for water more efficiently. With the current water restrictions that are in place, our landscapes [...]

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Our Best Waterwise Plants

Temperatures are soaring and the heat and lack of rain has been intense this Summer in the Cape. Sadly a lot of the plants in our gardens are struggling as they are not all waterwise species. As Landscapers we know what gardeners need to do, and that is to slowly replace the thirsty exotics with [...]

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14 Water-saving tips for the summer garden!

Watch those leaky taps! Water restrictions in the Western Cape and other provinces is now a reality that all garden lovers need to face. As of this month, the City of Cape Town's mayoral committee has approved the implementation of level 2 water restrictions. The proposal is due to be deliberated at [...]

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