The Time Is Now – Preparing To Plant

With rain sporadic this May, many of us gardeners are breathing a sigh of relief that water for our drought-parched gardens is on the way! Many gardeners, including us Landscape Designers, are starting to plan for planting, after putting this off for a few months to coincide with the rain. What can we do [...]

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What you need to know about sub-surface drainage

Every winter we visit gardens that have become waterlogged where the rain does not drain away rapidly enough, leaving lawns completely sodden, killing the grass and making the garden a mud bath. This calls for drastic measures… sub-surface drainage. Although more commonly used on an industrial scale for sports fields and large agricultural lands; sub-surface [...]

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4 Good Reasons Why Winter Is A Smart Time To Garden

Although most people associate the beginning of spring as the seasonal marker to begin sprucing up the garden (usually accompanied by a frantic every-man-for-himself rush to the local nursery); but actually this seemingly sudden revelation has already been in the pipe-line for weeks and if you wait until you see the [...]

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Planting for Winter colour: going bright and bold in the cold

BRIGHT AND BOLD WINTER COLOUR Its cold outdoors, the pool is off limits and the outdoor furniture has been packed away until the warmer weather. But, there is no reason not to enjoy the view of your garden from the cosy comfort of your lounge or kitchen while the weather is [...]