Beautiful Landscaping in Cape Town and Beyond: Contours Landscapes

We provide exceptional landscaping services by offering personalised, turn-key solutions for all of your needs around landscaping in Cape Town and throughout Southern Africa.

Contours Landscapes is an award-winning landscaping company that specialises in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including garden planning, installation, and maintenance for large residential projects. We also cater to commercial and corporate clients, helping them create inspiring and beautiful landscaping for their properties. Our top priority is to add function, increase value and enhance the landscape of our client’s properties. With our exceptional services and expertise in landscaping, we are committed to transforming any outdoor space into a stunning and inviting area.


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Contours Landscapes offers professional and high-end consultation, design, supply, and landscape installation services for corporate and commercial projects. Our experienced network of landscape architects, designers, and contractors have the expertise to handle any size project. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality of service has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry.

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We have mastered the art of gabion design and construction, allowing us to create stunning and durable structures for homes and commercial spaces throughout South Africa. As a result, our clients in Cape Town and other areas can enjoy a timeless and natural look that seamlessly blends with their surroundings.

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Preserve your investment! Professional garden maintenance services ensure your beautiful garden grows and matures with age. This not only adds to the beauty of your property but also increases its value over time. So, make sure to invest in the right landscaping and garden maintenance services to keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy for years to come.

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Rugby, soccer, cricket, softball, golf courses, or a bowls field are just some examples of sports pitches that require professional landscaping services for their construction. Whatever your sports pitch requirements, a playing surface installed by a professional landscaping company is vital to success. With our expert construction services, you can rest assured that your sports pitch will be constructed to the highest standards.

House Davisson

Contours Landscaping in Cape Town worked closely with the client to design and install this architectural gabion, which would seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape. In short, the goal of this landscaping work was to complement the architecture of the surroundings and the natural landscape into which it is seated. Moreover, this installation had to be sympathetic to suit its surroundings while containing the soil.

UCT Lecture Theatre

Tarna Klitzener Landscape architects designed the features of this functional landscape. After that, Contours Landscapes installed it on the site in 2018. The landscape architects carefully designed this space with the boisterous nature of students in mind to ensure that it would be a practical and enjoyable area for them to use.

New Court Steenberg

We transformed a bare and neglected piece of fallow land into a riot of seasonal floral colour at this high-end residential estate in Tokai, Cape Town. In addition, the irrigation system was designed and installed as part of Contours Landscapes’ scope of work in one of the most affluent areas of the city. The process of beautifying the landscape involved careful planning and execution of various elements to ensure a stunning end result that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Bernardino Sportsfield

Contours Landscaping Company provided a comprehensive service to meet the needs of Bernadino Secondary School by installing a state-of-the-art multi-purpose sports facility. The project included a 12-lane tartan athletics running track, catering to various athletics field disciplines, and two rugby pitches.

Landscaping in Cape Town and Beyond: Our Process

We plan, install and maintain award-winning landscapes that will add value and function to any space.

Step 1: Brief

Firstly, for Cape Town landscaping projects, we start the home landscaping design process with a complimentary meeting with the client. This is a vital step in developing a comprehensive brief. During the meeting, we discuss the client’s requirements, objectives, and individual stylistic personality, specifically as it relates to their home. Moreover, we also discuss functional flexibility and long-term goals, taking into consideration the unique features of the client’s property. After that, we are able to develop a thorough understanding of how we can mould the site to suit the lifestyle of the client for their Cape Town home landscaping project.

Step 2: Plan

After that, we identify the unique characters and constraints inherent to each site for garden design. We consider numerous factors affecting landscapes, such as altitude, soil structure and fertility, prevailing winds, minimum and maximum temperatures, and average rainfall. Furthermore, we also consider other individual criteria such as views, traffic noise, neighbours, etc. Following this, our landscaping and garden designs are thoroughly thought through, considering your garden’s existing architectural style as a foundation and accommodating all the above conditions and needs. And, most importantly, sticking to the client’s brief.

Step 3: Quantify

We always cost all our landscaping designs in South Africa very precisely. This ensures optimum transparency for the client and ease of amendment to any particular features related to landscaping in South Africa. In addition, it allows us to easily coordinate a work schedule while collaborating with any associated professionals in the field of landscaping in South Africa.

Step 4: Install

Firstly, our experienced project manager and dedicated on-site supervisor offer highly personal guidance and supervision to all our landscaping and garden projects. Secondly, we collaborate closely with various contractors and artisans specialising in landscaping and garden design to ensure that each project is flawlessly executed. All this is done with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Step 5: Maintain

Investing in a landscape means buying an ever-changing product. To ensure that the landscape matures correctly over time, we also offer a garden maintenance services contract for a renewable period of 3-12 months after installation. In conclusion, we offer a truly holistic service when it comes to landscaping in Cape Town and across Southern Africa.

Our Landscaping clients across Southern Africa

We have decades of experience with corporate, commercial, municipal and government developments and sports facilities clients. Therefore, our South African landscaping service bouquet will ensure that your landscape matures to its full potential and grows in value.

Walkway in a housing estate surrounded by serene landscaping in cape townWalkway in a housing estate surrounded by serene landscaping in cape town
Grand entrance to a housing estate with beautiful landscaping in Cape TownGrand entrance to a housing estate with beautiful landscaping in Cape Town
Relaxing deck chairs next to a sparkling blue pool with a background of lush landscaping in Cape Town.Relaxing deck chairs next to a sparkling blue pool with a background of lush landscaping in Cape Town.
Boundary wall and flower bed installed as part of a landscaping in Cape Town project.Boundary wall and flower bed installed as part of a landscaping in Cape Town project.
Relaxing outdoor space as part of landscaping in Cape TownRelaxing outdoor space as part of landscaping in Cape Town
Arid region plant growing amongst rocks as part of landscaping in cape townArid region plant growing amongst rocks as part of landscaping in cape town


Contours Design Studio Landscaping Company

Our sister company, Contours Design Studio, specialises in water-wise garden landscaping. They provide a comprehensive outdoor design, installation, and maintenance service for private clients in Cape Town, Cape Winelands, Boland, and beyond. Their unique style incorporates vibrant and natural elements while prioritising the importance of water conservation in gardens. As part of the Contours group, their roots are firmly planted in the industry, ensuring they deliver exceptional results every time.

Faux Flora Artificial Planting

Faux Flora Artificial Planting offers high-end synthetic planting solutions and plant systems. Their clients include designers or domestic homeowners in South Africa and abroad who seek all the benefits of plants without any fuss. This is the perfect complement to commercial offices or retail spaces, especially in areas with low light conditions, insufficient soil, or no easy way of getting water to living plants. Faux Flora’s artificial plant systems provide an ideal solution for those looking to incorporate greenery into their space without the maintenance required by natural plants.

The Fire Pit Company

Warm up your outdoors in style with custom-built fire pits. Beautifully artistic firepits, which are all made of high-quality carbon steel. The Fire Pit Company offers a range of locally manufactured products that stylishly complement any size outdoor space. Plan ahead, and we will work alongside this independent distributor to include one of the products from their lifestyle range in your landscaping plan.


+27 (0) 21 788 1202


Unit 2 Lakeside Place Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945

Let’s plan your landscaping project together!

We plan, install and maintain award-winning landscapes for our commercial clients and project partners. Clients who wish to add function, value and inspiration to their outdoor spaces and properties.

Our roots are in Cape Town, but our footprint stretches deep into southern Africa.

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