Commercial Garden Maintenance Services

Contours Landscapes has excellent Garden Maintenance Service offerings, that will help preserve your investment! Not only does a professionally maintained landscape ensure your garden grows and matures beautifully with age, but it will also boost the growth of the value of your property. It is almost as if you are fertilising and watering your investment!

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UCT Lecture Theatre

Tarna Klitzener Landscape architects designed this functional landscape. Contours Landscapes installed it in 2018. Basically, the architect has designed the landscape with the boisterous nature of students in mind.

Garden Maintenance Service at Valkenberg

We were appointed to install the landscape as designed by Tarna Klitzener Landscape Architects. We subsequently maintained the landscape after installation.


How our garden maintenance service plan works

Our maintenance team delivers the highest quality landscape care on almost any site such as office parks, malls and shopping centres. Further, also included are housing estates, commercial developments, sports facilities and government facilities.

Step 1: Brief

Our Maintenance Manager conducts a walk-around with you through your garden. Firstly we look at the existing state of shrubs and perennials, hedges, trees, flowering plants, the lawn and any other areas you want properly cared for. Afterwards, we listen to how YOU want the garden to look and map a plan to reach YOUR desired outcome.

Step 2: Plan

We develop a unique Maintenance Plan for the garden for 12 months. It includes the basics such as weeding and mowing. Furthermore, we also include very important things like checking the irrigation, a fertilising program, pruning program, seasonal mulching & composting.  Lastly, we set goals to improve the garden over time, adding in plants where you want them.

Step 3: Quantify

We provide you with a list of tools needed for your garden. If you don’t have the required tools, you can ‘rent’ them from us. They are kept at your property and always available for the crewman. Moreover, we prefer to set up a compost heap for you if you have space for one, so we can avoid removing green waste and instead recycle it.

Step 4: team

We will choose a crewman for you. Prior to choosing, we carefully match up your garden needs with his level of experience. Furthermore, we take into account his transportation needs, his level of supervision required and his ongoing training and support.

Step 5: Contract

As the final step in the process, we sign you onto our Garden Maintenance Contract (12 months) and you decide which day(s) of the week you want your crewman to come.

About Contours garden Maintenance services

To ensure your living landscape matures well over time, we at Contours Landscapes offer a maintenance contract for a renewable period of 3-12 months after installation. Moreover, we can customise our arrangements to suit your needs. After choosing a suitable contract, it may include daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly visits. Furthermore, you need to be aware that the contract will be valid for 12 months. This time allows us to take care of your garden through the changing seasons. To summarise, we will give your garden what it needs when it needs it. 


Our garden maintenance service includes:

Site maintenance and cleanup

Tree trimming services

Pest control



Road verge maintenance

Repairs to gabions, cladding and pitching

Surface repairs


Featured project

We work with corporate, commercial, municipal and government developments and sports facilities clients. We also work closely alongside landscape architects, commercial and housing estate developers.

Makro cape gate

Garden Maintenance Service at Makro Cape Gate

Being a site with high volumes of public traffic, we decided on the minimalistic plant palette approach. Contours Landscapes installed this project in 2015. We have been maintaining the site since then.

Our happy clients


“Both Kerstin and I are very happy with the garden. The new section looks amazing and is going to look even better when the garden grows in a bit. We are also super thrilled with the rest of the garden. It is mine, and I think Kerstin’s favourite part of the entire house and we spend every morning and evening walking through it admiring its beauty. Thank you so much!”

Paul Farah

“We are thrilled with our beautiful new garden. Thank you for your wonderful team! You turned our garden nightmare into something very special!”

Carol Conlin

“With projects like these, there are always unexpected surprises as you know. The team on site dealt with those so efficiently that I am astounded at how efficiently it has all been done. It got to a stage where every day was a pleasant surprise at the end of a hectic day as we watched it all unfold. This garden makes my heart sing. Walking through it at the end of each day is bound to be a very welcome de-stressing experience for me. I am in awe of all your expertise.”

Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana


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