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Three hardy plants for retaining wall and bank planting

Today’s post is focused on three plants which are hardy enough and have the spreading and cascading habit required for retaining wall and bank planting. Lotus berthelotii – Parrot’s beak This for us is literally one of the most stunning and striking plants to ever exist. It is not from [...]

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Helpful Tips for May In Your Garden

May is your last month to plan and prepare your garden and beautiful landscape for the potentially cold and harsh winter months coming up. The more preparation and work you put in, the more successful your garden will be at not only surviving, but flourishing in the winter months. This means [...]

Top 3 Climbers For Wire & Wooden Fences

Top 3 Climbers for wire & wooden fences: Today’s post is on our top 3 climbers for covering wire and wooden fences. We will also be writing a post on our top climbers for growing on pergolas, trellises and growing supported against walls etc. Senecio tamoides – Canary creeper This indigenous [...]

Helpful tips for February in the garden:

Mulching your garden We are on the door step of what is usually the hottest month of the year, February. Be prepared and protect your plants by mulching your garden beds. Mulching retains water in your soil for a longer period of time, making it more accessible to plant roots. At [...]

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Creating A Living Curtain | House Fullimut

Contours Landscapes is taking Arbour month to the next level with our recent installation of seven 2000L Ficus Rubignosa trees for a client in Clifton. At Contours Landscapes we never shy away from an interesting and exciting challenge and with the assistance of our hands on supplier [...]

Artificial Greening – Our Growing Range of Faux Flora

Don’t be fooled! Faux is the new cool! The new possibilities for using synthetic or ‘fake’ plants for greening up your interior and outdoor living spaces are reaching new heights, quite literally! We have been hard at work, developing our growing range of artificial green walling options that more and more are hard to [...]