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Fire Inspired Garden Elements – Keeping You Warm This Winter

Cold temperatures, rain and even snow around the country mean that most of us prefer a cozy spot by the fire inside with a glass of wine, rather than an afternoon on the outside patio. Adding in bright red and orange winter flowering plants, outdoor heat sources, and elements that ignite the imagination of [...]

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Artificial Plants & Faux Flora

Save the drop! Go Faux! There have been great leaps in the manufacturing of artificial plants, greenery and flowers and these days it is getting harder to tell them apart from the real thing. In this blog, we look at the many new possibilities that Artificial Plants are being used to soften balconies, offices, [...]

Plant of the Month: Nandina domestica

Excerpt: A very useful plant that is tough, blazes a fiery red in autumn and that can give a Zen feeling to your garden! Find out how they grow, what conditions they like and why our Garden Designers at Cape Contours Landscapes love them. This blog explores all about the commonly available Nandina domestica [...]

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Our Best Water Wise Plants – Part 2

Part two of our popular blog on our best water wise plants that we as Cape Contours use regularly in our gardens. We have broken them down into categories that make these hardy plants such tough water champions, we share why we keep them firmly in our water wise plant palette. [...]

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Exploring The Outdoors These Holidays – Our Top 5 Spots

The holidays are almost here and it will soon be time to start enjoying the warm weather, beaches and new adventures with your family. Hooray for that we say! Some of us are venturing off further around the country to explore the coasts, forests and local cuisines for camping, braaiing and relaxing in our [...]

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Nature lover’s local Christmas present wish list

It’s almost the silly season and probably high on your list of priorities is looking for unique and lovely gifts for those special people in your life. This Christmas, we encourage you to try as best you can to buy and support local makers, creators and businesses in an effort to uplift everyone who [...]

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World’s 10 most extreme treehouses

Do you ever sometimes just want to escape from it all, but can’t afford to take valuable time off work to flit about the countryside? Then perhaps a simpler back-door escape to a secret hideout is in order. And nothing beats getting away from it all - out in nature. Where the natural order of [...]

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10 Great Tips to Starting Your Own Veggie Garden

The return to a much more wholesome way of eating seems to be taking off in many households, as people become more conscious of where their food comes from and how it gets to your plate. More and more people are choosing to grow their own vegetables, rather than purchasing them from the store. But growing your own [...]

Indoor Terrarium Rooms

We all know that plants provide us much needed oxygen and clean the air we breathe. It has also been found that they calm us and slow our heartbeats and soothe us when we are stressed out. Perhaps this is why indoor terrariums have long been used in Japanese architecture to bring a piece of [...]