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Trees for small gardens and constricted areas

Today’s post is focused on Trees for small gardens and constricted areas This blog will be highlighting and discussing 6 smaller growing trees which we would recommend for small gardens and constricted or tight spots. These are not all the trees by far which can be used, we have simply [...]

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Some unusual medicinal & edible herbs you may not know of

Today’s blog topic should inspire you to add some unusual plants to your herb and general garden which I am sure you will make great use of as natural medicines as well as well as to create some culinary dishes and drinks which will wow even the most seasoned diner. [...]

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Local is lekker: Indigenous edibles

Today’s blog topic is on an unusual and up and coming topic. Indigenous edible plants are becoming important as a way to help problems of food insecurity as well as the fact that unusual food sources are becoming extremely fashionable. In this blog we will mention some of these indigenous plants and how to [...]

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