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Creating A Living Curtain | House Fullimut

Contours Landscapes is taking Arbour month to the next level with our recent installation of seven 2000L Ficus Rubignosa trees for a client in Clifton. At Contours Landscapes we never shy away from an interesting and exciting challenge and with the assistance of our hands on supplier [...]

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Artificial Greening – Our Growing Range of Faux Flora

Don’t be fooled! Faux is the new cool! The new possibilities for using synthetic or ‘fake’ plants for greening up your interior and outdoor living spaces are reaching new heights, quite literally! We have been hard at work, developing our growing range of artificial green walling options that more and more are hard to [...]

Unlocking the Wow Factor With Garden Maintenance

Every season in the garden brings with it changes that your plants undergo, requiring different tasks to be done to preserve the plants, trees and features of your garden and create longevity of your home’s green asset. Optimising your garden through maintenance and unlocking the factors that contribute to its longevity and value, are [...]

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Not Just Rocks In A Box – The Power of Gabions

Want to add some drama and raw appeal to your garden? Gabions can do just that. Stone and rock have long been part of our human experience and natural language of the earth and when added into your outdoor living space, add warmth, a sense of time, stability and a unity with the landscape. [...]

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Artificial Plants & Faux Flora

Save the drop! Go Faux! There have been great leaps in the manufacturing of artificial plants, greenery and flowers and these days it is getting harder to tell them apart from the real thing. In this blog, we look at the many new possibilities that Artificial Plants are being used to soften balconies, offices, [...]


All about Sandstone Sandstone is a beautiful, natural and wonderfully textured rock that is easily available in the Western Cape. At Cape Contours Landscaping, we use sandstone rocks, pebbles and gravels in the garden in a number of different ways for pathways, retaining, gabions, water features and more. Sandstone rocks and gravel can be [...]

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Have you heard about ZEOPLANT?

Extract: Want to know how to save up to 50% on your irrigation water needs and associated costs? A volcanic mineral compound called Zeoplant is the solution. Added into existing garden soil, it is an amazing organic compound with a crystalline structure that contains Zeolites that make it so good at retaining moisture where [...]

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What is Aquascaping?

In a nutshell, aquascaping is the art of creating an underwater garden or ‘aquascape’ in a tank or vessel with aquatic plants and other materials, with or without fish. The humble fish-tank aquarium ‘decoration’ has evolved into an art form of its own, where the emphasis is on re-creating a very realistic, natural underwater scene [...]

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When it’s okay to be fake.

There’s nothing quite like the cool, soft green plumage of a trailing, creeping or climbing plant to soften a hard surface or sharp edge of a building. Not only does it hide unsightly brickwork or crumbly concrete, but immediately adds a soothing, and natural feel – breaking the stark uniformity of an otherwise entirely man-made [...]

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How To Build A Fire Pit

Keep warm and cosy this winter Staying warm while still using and enjoying your garden space in Winter can be challenging with all the cold rain and freezing temperatures. Having a fire pit in the garden is one way to prolong an evening outdoors around a cosy fire with good company [...]

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