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Nature’s Solutions To Rainwater Harvesting

Our provincial dams are still very low despite the very welcome rains we have had in the Western Cape over the last few weeks. With dam levels across the country at only 56% , we are still a long way from full. With the last of the heavy rains coming in July and August, [...]

The Time Is Now – Preparing To Plant

With rain sporadic this May, many of us gardeners are breathing a sigh of relief that water for our drought-parched gardens is on the way! Many gardeners, including us Landscape Designers, are starting to plan for planting, after putting this off for a few months to coincide with the rain. What can we do [...]

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Winter Gardening Tips

With the cold and rainy weather now in full swing here in the Western Cape. The dry, morning frost covered plateaus of the highveld have also also taken an icy hold. There are a few things to do in the garden that will ensure a stunning garden design in the coming Spring and Summer months. 1. Mowing [...]

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Fruit Trees for the Fresh Food Lover

We all love fresh fruit salad and a juicy apple or fresh lemon. But there is nothing better than when you know it was grown with love in your own garden. Save yourself some of the hassle of researching fruit trees for the fresh food lover and find out what is available and a [...]

Nature lover’s local Christmas present wish list

It’s almost the silly season and probably high on your list of priorities is looking for unique and lovely gifts for those special people in your life. This Christmas, we encourage you to try as best you can to buy and support local makers, creators and businesses in an effort to uplift everyone who [...]

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Insect repelling planting

Enjoying your garden on a summer evening with friends, dining alfresco, can be divine…or serious hell…if the wee beasties decide to come and join the party. Here in South Africa we have a lot of different insects that can become a pest in your home and vegetable garden. Ants, mosquitos, flies, aphids, [...]

10 Great Tips to Starting Your Own Veggie Garden

The return to a much more wholesome way of eating seems to be taking off in many households, as people become more conscious of where their food comes from and how it gets to your plate. More and more people are choosing to grow their own vegetables, rather than purchasing them from the store. But growing your own [...]

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Butterflies in the garden

Everyone is charmed by butterflies! They represent metamorphosis, hope through change and are symbolic of the life-cycle of all living things. Some are brilliantly patterned and coloured with kaleidoscopic markings. Others are a little more subdued and in this blog we look at two of the common ones in our Cape gardens and one that [...]

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What you need to know about sub-surface drainage

Every winter we visit gardens that have become waterlogged where the rain does not drain away rapidly enough, leaving lawns completely sodden, killing the grass and making the garden a mud bath. This calls for drastic measures… sub-surface drainage. Although more commonly used on an industrial scale for sports fields and large agricultural lands; sub-surface [...]

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