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Artificial Greening – Our Growing Range of Faux Flora

Don’t be fooled! Faux is the new cool! The new possibilities for using synthetic or ‘fake’ plants for greening up your interior and outdoor living spaces are reaching new heights, quite literally! We have been hard at work, developing our growing range of artificial green walling options that more and more are hard to [...]

Nature’s Solutions To Rainwater Harvesting

Our provincial dams are still very low despite the very welcome rains we have had in the Western Cape over the last few weeks. With dam levels across the country at only 56% , we are still a long way from full. With the last of the heavy rains coming in July and August, [...]

Artificial lawn – What You Need to Know Before You Install Artificial Lawn

The pros, the cons and what you need to know before you install artificial lawn, fake grass, synthetic turf. It is completely waterwise! This is why we at Cape Contours Landscape Solutions are loving artificial lawn right now! If you have a new area of lawn you [...]

Level 5 Drought Survivors – What Are our Garden Designers Planting?

Tried and tested - What our designers are planting now in preparation for the hot summer. This summer in the Cape is predicted to be very dry with very little rainfall over our catchment areas compared to previous years. Our gardens need to be as resilient as possible to be able to withstand the [...]

Rainwater Harvesting – Does It Work In Cape Town?

With the increasing pressure on our municipal fresh water supplies and the increasing restrictions per household and costs, it surely makes sense to collect and store rainwater for domestic use. This is a regular question we get asked at Cape Contours Landscapes. We interviewed Evan Brighton, a local supplier of mini [...]

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Water Wise: Grey Water

Greywater Harvesting Extract: Grey water harvesting is another way in which to save our planet’s most precious resource, water. There is a lot of debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the current systems on offer in the landscaping industry. In this blog we look at what exactly it is and how [...]

Our Best Water Wise Plants – Part 2

Part two of our popular blog on our best water wise plants that we as Cape Contours use regularly in our gardens. We have broken them down into categories that make these hardy plants such tough water champions, we share why we keep them firmly in our water wise plant palette. [...]

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Best Waterwise Tips for your garden

We are now in the grips of a serious drought and everyone’s gardens and trees are showing signs of the lack of water. The likelihood of water demand outstripping supply to the Cape Peninsula between 2013 and 2020 is well documented which means water restrictions are probably going to remain in force for the [...]

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The Future Of Waterwise Technology Is Here!

Keeping in line with our waterwise theme during this dry period, we have put together an article showcasing the technology available in practice around the world that is doing it's part in saving and providing safe to drink water. We have become increasingly aware that water is simply not an infinite natural resource. And we [...]

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Our Best Waterwise Plants

Temperatures are soaring and the heat and lack of rain has been intense this Summer in the Cape. Sadly a lot of the plants in our gardens are struggling as they are not all waterwise species. As Landscapers we know what gardeners need to do, and that is to slowly replace the thirsty exotics with [...]

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