Not Just Rocks In A Box Part Two

As landscapers we have access to a lot of different varieties of stone and rock that can be offered as fill materials for gabions. Using these materials cleverly and with professional experience is important for designing retaining structures in your house or landscape. The diversity of the fill materials combined with [...]

Not Just Rocks In A Box – The Power of Gabions

Want to add some drama and raw appeal to your garden? Gabions can do just that. Stone and rock have long been part of our human experience and natural language of the earth and when added into your outdoor living space, add warmth, a sense of time, stability and a unity with the landscape. [...]

Landscaping Trends and What’s Driving Them

Change is inevitable they say – and in our industry it is a valuable opportunity to evaluate how we design and bring gardens to life. Changes in response to the ongoing water crisis are leading to wonderfully creative and practical new thinking and ways with plants and materials. Here at Cape Contours Landscape Studio [...]

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